Sokcho The Sharp Pension

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1 Schlafzimmer, kostenloses WLAN
1 Schlafzimmer, kostenloses WLAN
1 Schlafzimmer, kostenloses WLAN
1 Schlafzimmer, kostenloses WLAN

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Sokcho The Sharp Pension

Zimmer in Sokcho mit komfortabler Ausstattung und Küchen

8,0/10 – Sehr gut

6 geprüfteästebewertungen

Highlights der Unterkunft

  • Kostenlose Parkplätze
  • Pool
  • Kostenloses WLAN
  • Küche
  • Kühlschrank
  • Badewanne
Der Preis beträgt 116 €
Preis verfügbar am 28.06.2022
21, Jangsahanghaean-gil, Sokcho-si, Sokcho, Gangwon, 24804
Wichtigste Merkmale
  • 28 Zimmer
  • In Strandnähe
  • Außenpool
  • Terrasse
Für Familien
  • Küche
  • Eigenes Bad
  • Terrasse
  • Badewanne oder Dusche
  • LCD-Fernseher
  • Kostenlose Parkplätze ohne Service

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Zur Umgebung

In der Umgebung

  • Yeongnangho-See - 1 Min. Fahrt
  • Sokcho Tourist & Fishery Market - 11 Min. Fahrt
  • Sokcho Expo Park - 13 Min. Fahrt
  • Sokcho Expo Tower - 13 Min. Fahrt
  • Dongmyeong-Hafen - 12 Min. Fahrt
  • Strand von Sokcho - 13 Min. Fahrt
  • Hafen Daepohang - 18 Min. Fahrt
  • Nationalpark Seorak-san - 21 Min. Fahrt
  • Seorak Sunrise Park - 20 Min. Fahrt
  • Seorak Waterpia - 16 Min. Fahrt
  • Seorak Plaza Country Club - 16 Min. Fahrt

Fortbewegung vor Ort

  • Yangyang (YNY-Yangyang Intl.) – 39 Min. Fahrt

Mehr zu dieser Unterkunft

Sokcho The Sharp Pension

The room price is for the standard number of people, and an additional charge will be incurred if the number exceeds the standard number of peoplePlease check the number of people who make a reservation when you make a reservation
If you use it on the same day after the reservation, the reservation is not confirmed if you enter the room after 10 p.m
Please ask the company if it is available before purchasing

After 15:30,
Before check-out time of 11 o'clock
You must contact the pension in advance after 21:00 for late admission
Please let me know in advance if the check-out time is delayed
Compliance with check-out time is required for the following customers
Additional charge of 50,000 won if check-out is delayed for 1 hour

On-site payment based on 1 night when adding more people
KRW 30,000 per person for 36 months or more
If you don't have a blanket, it's 20,000 won per person
Loss of card key 20,000 won lost
Pensions must be contacted in advance when adding more people

Please do not wash the dishes and basically separate the water when you leave the room
Food waste uses pay-as-you-go bags The separation container is installed at the back of the parking lot on the 1st floor
Please check the power cut off of the induction air conditioner, etc. and return the card key when you check out
2 The building itself is a non-smoking building. Smoking is strictly prohibited even on the terrace
In case of non-smoking in a pension, immediate check-out measures and a fine of 100,000 won can be imposed without a refund
Air conditioning and heating in 3 rooms are all individual heating
When the card key is removed, the heating is maintained, but the air conditioner is turned off
Boiler cooling can be controlled by ceiling air conditioner for heating
TV Netflix is linked and paid content usage fees are paid individually by cell phone
4 Frying Pan is intended to be used in the room x Pot is intended to be used in the room

Other matters
After 10 p.m., please refrain from going to other rooms in consideration of guests
Please be careful as it is dangerous to lean on the room window and terrace
After 10 p.m., the main entrance door of the pension is locked and only the entrance door of the parking lot is available
The staff will explain the door lock password when entering
Do not take out indoor shoes, gowns, etc. in the room
Prohibition of the act of wearing indoor shoes outside or using a gown towel on the beach
Prohibition of the use of candle firecracker butane gas, etc. that may cause fire in the room
Do not move the table because of the risk of injury or damage as the table is separated from the legs by ceramic upper plates
Visitors and pets who do not have a reservation are prohibited from entering or using the swimming pool
CCTV footage for the safety of the pension, including the rooftop lobby of the stairway
Personal fire equipment and heat transfer equipment cannot be used for the safety of the room and prevention of fire

a jet spa
All rooms
Free of charge
Use time is 3:30 p.m. and 10pm
Bathing agent not available
Do not use a separate bath bomb and make sure to wear a swimsuit
Please refrain from using Spyyong after 10 p.m. for consideration of other room guests late at night
Compensation and cleaning costs may be charged in the event of a bath agent or a spa machine failure

an outdoor swimming pool
Location: 7th floor rooftop
Free of charge only for guests staying at the pension
Operation period may vary from the beginning of July to August
Weather conditions may vary by 15:00-21:00
Wear clothes, swimwear, must-wear outdoor cotton sweatsuit, etc. Absolutely not possible
Drinking and swimming is strictly prohibited
This swimming pool has no lifeguards, and the user is responsible for the accident
Children under 14 can use it with an adult, and babies under 36 months should wear diapers for playing in the water

Individual Electric Grill Barbecue 3rd Floor Rooms
Only 3rd floor rooms available for barbecue electric grill Other rooms are not available
You must apply in advance to the pension 1 day before the date of entry
Only available on electric grill, not charcoal fire
Room A301302303B301302303
Usage season March summer winter season not available
Ready available time 6pm or 7pm
Available for 2 hours 6 p.m. or 7 p.m. 9 p.m
Configuration Grill Tongs Scissors
Cost 1SET KRW 20,000
Can't see if it's a charcoal grill
Frying pan meat not allowed in all rooms
Not available in case of rain

Korean Sashimi Restaurant
Restaurant location Pension 12th floor location
Opening hours 9:30 to 22:00
Until 23:00 during the peak season
★ Pension customers can get a discount of 10 except for the price of raw fish, rice, etc

WIFI Available
Parking is available for 1 car per room in the parking lot
Convenience store mart
GS25 quick red chili-pepper paste with vinegar small item 1 minute
E-Mart Everyday Super Yeongrang Branch Vehicle 3 minutes
Beach Lighthouse Beach Vehicle 2 minutes

Auf einen Blick


  • Check-in von 15:30 Uhr bis 22:00 Uhr
  • Das Mindestalter für den Check-in ist 19
  • Der Check-out ist um 11:00 Uhr

Einschränkungen im Zusammenhang mit Ihrer Reise

  • Überprüfen Sie die COVID-19-Einschränkungen

Besondere Hinweise für den Check-in

  • Die Unterkunft besitzt keine Rezeption
  • Bitte wenden Sie sich an die Unterkunft, um Informationen zum Check-in zu erhalten.
  • Außerhalb der angegebenen Zeiten ist ein Check-in nicht möglich.
  • Bitte kontaktieren Sie die Unterkunft vor der Anreise, um den Check-in zu arrangieren.
  • Bitte setzen Sie sich im Voraus mit der Unterkunft in Verbindung, wenn Sie eine Anreise nach 22:00 Uhr planen.

Beim Check-in erforderlich

  • Kreditkarte, EC-Karte oder Bargeld-Kaution für unvorhergesehene Aufwendungen
  • Personalausweis oder Reisepass ggf. erforderlich
  • Mindestalter für den Check-in: 19 Jahre


  • Haustiere sind nicht gestattet


  • Kostenloses WLAN in den Zimmern


  • Kostenlose Parkplätze ohne Service auf dem Unterkunftsgelände

Sonstige Informationen

  • Ausgewiesene Raucherbereiche

Ausstattung der Unterkunft


  • In Strandnähe


  • Terrasse
  • Außenpool


Beste Unterhaltung

  • LCD-Fernseher

Zum Frischmachen

  • Eigenes Bad
  • Badewanne oder Dusche
  • Handtücher

Immer in Verbindung bleiben

  • Kostenloses WLAN

Speisen und Getränke

  • Kühlschrank
  • Küche

Gebühren & Richtlinien


Diese Unterkunft akzeptiert nur Bargeld.

Auch bekannt als

Sokcho The Sharp
Sokcho The Sharp Pension Sokcho
Sokcho The Sharp Pension Pension
Sokcho The Sharp Pension Pension Sokcho

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6/10 – Gut

깨끗하고 넓습니다 사진에서 나오는 장면 그대로 바다가 보입니다 더블 침대가 커서 편안했습니다 1층에 횟집을 운영하고 투숙객에게 모듬회를 괜찮은 가격에 주문 받고 있습니다, 맛 있었습니다
KWANG BAE, Aufenthalt von 1 Nacht
Von geprüfte Gästebewertung

2/10 – Mangelhaft

theplan, Aufenthalt von 1 Nacht
Von geprüfte Gästebewertung

10/10 – Hervorragend

Familienurlaub (1 Nacht)
Von geprüfte Gästebewertung

10/10 – Hervorragend

넓은 바다뷰를 가진 깔끔하고 심플한 숙소
사진에서 본 그대로라 좋았습니다. 처음 들어서는 순간 "와" 일단 뷰가 넓은 창을 통해 시원하게 펼쳐지는데 바로 바다 앞이예요. 가리는 것도 없이 바다가 온전히 그대로 다 보입니다. 관리 잘 되어 깨끗했구요, 다만 A-603 호였는데 화장실냄새가 처음 들어설때 아주 약간 났습니다. 온수/냉수 레버가 반대로 작동한다고 미리 말해주셔서 크게 불편하진 않았습니다. 나머지 부분이 좋아 감점 주고 싶은 맘은 없구요. 두 가지는 먼저, 스파 온도 조절이 정말 어렵더군요 ^^;; 온도 조절하는데 많은 시간을 낭비했어요. 이건 장비 자체가 어렵게 설계된 문제라 개선의 여지가 없어 보이지만. 둘째, 보일러 돌아가는 소리인지 창문 밖에서 소음이 계속 들려서 창문을 열어 놓을 수가 없었어요. 작은 창문이지만 확실히 개방감이 들고 시원한 공기도 들어와 좋은데 소음때문에 문을 열어놓을 수 없었습니다.
SANGBIN, Aufenthalt von 1 Nacht
Von geprüfte Gästebewertung

10/10 – Hervorragend

커플 여행에 좋네요
Aufenthalt von 1 Nacht
Von geprüfte Gästebewertung

10/10 – Hervorragend

Jenny&, Aufenthalt von 1 Nacht
Von Expedia geprüfte Gästebewertung